Wednesday, March 18, 2009

These are the original, and revised floor plans for our new home. Originally you had a tour of the laundry room, coming from the garage.

As we are a couple with grown children,

I decided that relocating the guest closet and making the powder room NOT part of the laundry room tour, was more accommodating for our guests.

There was no direct route from the garage to the kitchen, so we opened up a wall next to the staircase. Dragging groceries through the whole house, was not my idea of convenience.

We made the front space an office,(where I could do this work). The loft was an over-hang, which gave gave architectural interest, but I had the wall go straight up, so I could have a bigger kitchen, since we lost pantry space by putting in the doorway.

Next, the loft had a 12ft. across opening, which we walled off 3ft. on either side, for some privacy on the second level.

We extended the dining area 6ft. so when we had guests, we didn't have to bang into any furniture, or ask someone to "push in" if I wanted to scoot by with a hot platter.

We have two exits to the patio,(that isn't there yet) one from the dining room, and one from the kitchen.

The master bath has a walk in shower, with a teak bench.

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