Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coming soon to this back yard.

This is it folks. We've picked a landscaper and work should begin in mid April. I no longer will have a view of my neighbor's pool and patio, but I will have a mix tree line.
"What are they?" you say. well the proposed plan was quite extensive, to the tune of $25,ooo. What?!! They
planned a dry rock bed near the patio, off to the left. I said, "no thank you," a water feature, a rock bench, I also said, "no thank you." There were beds for both sides of the house, but I think I'll do without these. The lots on both sides of my house are empty, and as soon as I scape there, someone will build. Oh, yes, the trees, there will be evergreens, but no Arborvitae, the deer like to eat them, some spring flowering choices, and some with fall and summer interest. I know I'm being vague, but my head was swimming by the time I toured the nursery twice. I will get back to you on specifics. The photo on top appears with a slant to the grading right, but it actually slants to left.


  1. Pauline, When did you have the house built? At first I thought you remodeled it because you had 2 plans. Was one the original design and the other the custom changes you made? Looks great, but looks like ALOT of work.

  2. Pauline, runner52 is me, Terry