Saturday, September 10, 2011

Novice Tomato gardening

The season is ending and the colors are fading in the veggie garden.
This is my third season with tomatoes as the focus in the veggie garden. The first year, I planted Burpee, Big Boy Hybrid, it was a great success. This was a tomato that is quite common and hardy in our western New York area. Great for salads and slicing, can grow to a very large fruit. Nice tangy flavor but not good for tomato sauce, for my taste.
The second season I planted the same as above, Why mess with a good thing?
But the this season, feeling a little adventureous, I decided to mix it up a bit. I planted, Burpee, Gardener's delight, this is a very sweet cherry tomato. It can be eaten whole as a snack, or used in salad. It grows in clusters. This was very successful.
Well then I went to a Burpee Heirloom, called Black Krim, well it didn't go over so well with the family and friends, to say teh least. This is a Russian from the Crimean and Black Sea area. It is a juicy, rich flavor with brownish-purple skin. It mades a great pasta sauce but is very seedy.