Friday, March 13, 2009

"The Birds"

Did you ever see Geese on a roof? Well I hadn't, until this week. And do you know what they sound like on a roof? Well, I DO now. Something must have spooked them, and they came honking and flapping, and running around on my roof as if the roofers forgot to tack on a few shingles.
There seems to be two schools of thought why Geese don't fly South anymore. One is, in times gone by, hunters tethered some, so others would fly to them, so the hunters could shoot them. When the the hunters were not allowed to do this anymore, they let the tethered geese go free, and they were never taught to fly South. The other thought is, with the development of suburban sprawl, the Geese decided to stay and visit the artificial ponds and parks, instead of flying South. Short attention span, I guess. Sometimes I forget what I was going to get in the other room.

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