Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plants Gone Wild

My tomato plants, started as seeds in cups last February or March. I transplanted them twice to larger containers, before I took them outdoors. They were planted, with their roots and first two leaf shoots buried laying horizontally, in my raised bed. There are five plants here.
We had a 70 MPH wind and rain storm this past weekend, and much of my already weakened stakes fell even lower.
I bought new stakes and re-staked them as best I could, without losing more then five green tomatoes. There are yet a few beets at the lower left.
The little Maple in the back round has already decided it is Autumn. I think it is to deep in the ground. When they graded the land around the house, that little guy lost out.

This was the view from my bathroom window this morning. I'm not fond of Sunflowers, but up close and personal, these are beautiful. This is my seed garden of vegetables. I planted Sunflowers in the the four corners of my raised beds. This one is almost seven feet tall. The one diagonally to it, is one-third the size. Next year I will plant the bed with that sun angle in mind.


  1. Glad you and your plants survived such winds. I love your Sunflowers, I can't believe how many flowers there on those plants.

  2. Wow, what pretty sunflowers. Lucky the tomatoes fared so well in such strong winds. It will make them all the more delicious!

  3. Hi Claudia! Since you left a comment on my foxglove seeds post(Thank you!), I inform you that I am back from my Kauai vacation and ready to start mailing the seeds. They need to be sown now, since the plant is biannual and needs to grow this year for the next summer bloom. If you need them, please, send me your mailing address to and remove this comment with my e-mail address. If you don't need them, please just ignore this message. Happy gardening!

  4. Congratulations on your tomatoes! Many of my friends in Buff have not had nearly that luck, especially with this wet summer.

  5. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.