Monday, August 31, 2009

Kids On The Block

This is what has been going on on the lot next door. You can plainly see it's an excavation site of ancient Mayan Temple. Yes folks, we have it all, right here in Western New York; giant tomatoes plants, endless rain, and mosquitoes the size of small birds, yup.
Four, eleven year olds carved that into a pile of soil, excavated behind a new home going up. They worked for days, from morning until night with all of their garden tools. They never argued or complained. To bad it will have to be shoveled back to fill in the swamp, where some of the mosquitoes are breeding.


  1. Hey, I remember me and my brother building roads & houses on a mound of dirt like that for my matchbox cars. Good times, good times.

  2. Wow! There should be something about the kids this age and digging. My boys beg me to give them a spot to dig a hole. If I don't need any planting holes at this particular time, they will dig anywhere.

  3. Man who said kids don't play outside anymore =)