Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your Opinion Greatly Appreciated

Here is the current problem, a tree may fall. This tree is on my new neighbor's property. The root base is exposed on my side of the property line. The stick in the back round marks the line. Beyond the stick is a water run off drain. When we had our house built last year, we requested some trees be left on our property. I am satisfied with those. When they leveled our land for water run off, that is when I realized the current problem.
Well I thought when the new neighbors bought the land they would see the problem with this tree and have their builder remove it. Nope!
So fellow bloggers, what would be a good band aide for my side of the stick. I thought a stone retaining wall as high as the roots, on my side of the line, might help. We could shovel in some dirt to protect the roots, for awhile anyway. I don't know how that would work in the future.
What do you think? Have at it people!
And by the way, yes I have been a negligent blogger, and I am sorry. I must confess, I have an a addiction, and it is a game called Wizard101. Just can't stop playing. Don't go there, you will get sucked in, your family will never be able to shop or check their email again.


  1. here are my 2 cents worth....It is going to fall (one-day) and I don't think a retaining wall or extra dirt will help it at all. It just seems to be a matter of time. Now I have seen many trees that looked like this and they made it a while before falling over. But I think one good storm and this tree is a goner!

  2. That is what I thought as well, Dirt Princess.
    You don't have a magic wand, do you?

  3. I say talk with the neighbors and have an assessment done by an arborist. A tree professionally removes makes way less mess than one that falls on a house.

  4. Professional arborist, definately. They'll be honest. If it has to come out, they'll not mince words. If it can be saved, they'll be the ones to tell you how. I don't know any pro arborists in this area. I only now one in Syracuse.

  5. I agree with everyone. A wall isn't going to help; it will just get trashed. There are professional arborists in this area, too.