Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thoughts on the 26th rainy day.

These are photos looking out of my dining room window. We built this new home because, as many "empty nesters," our turn of the century city house, got to be more labor then love. We chose the site strictly on location. It was close to family and services. It was in a first phase of a new development, a subdivision of a thirty five year old development, to the back of us.
I could intellectualize about urban sprawl, but to actually be a part of it, in such a dramatically rapid fashion, is unsettling to say the least. The land across the way, is supposed to be a New York State wetlands, but a land company purchased it, and mulched all the trees before they got permission to do so. So in order to keep it from staying a wetland, they plow a portion of it on Sundays, piece by piece.
The engineers office of our town, gives us lip service about the issue. "Yes," they say about it not being developed because, it is wet lands.
The geese, hawks, killdeer (birds) bunnies, and cranes, will be moving on. Well maybe not the geese, they seem to be settling quite nicely in our parks.
The neighbors behind us said, thirty five years ago, they were told, the woods behind them would never be developed. My house stands on that very site. Sometimes I feel very much the enemy.

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