Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And waiting for........

The article in the magazine said,"you can complete this inexpensive project in a weekend." The project was to include :
One 6-ft.-long 4x4
Six 8-ft.-long 2x6s
32 #14 wood screws (3 1/2in. each)
One 4-10ft. roll of 1/4 inch-mesh hardware cloth.
32 cu.ft. (1 1/5cu. yds.) planting mix

Now the mistake my MUSCLE and I made, was to assume the home improvement store carried 4ft. rolls of 1/4 inch mesh. They don't, they carry 3ft. 1/4 inch mesh. So we should have checked to see if we could get all the materials, before beginning the project. You can see our lovely patch work. The mesh came with a wire wrapped around the rolls, so we wove it through the mesh to secure the patches together.
The rolls of mesh were $13.00 each, 2 rolls per bed. The lumber was $44.00, per bed. We made two beds.

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