Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meet my special friend

This little note book went with me everywhere. It's a simple note book with perforated lined pages. I separated it into sections with room tabs, I made the tabs out of folded paper, and tape. I purchased self sticking card holders at the office supply store. These little pockets were worth every cent. They kept all the vendors I dealt with at hand.
As I collected color swatches of fabric, paint color pallets; I found on an online site, and photos, I slipped them all into their designated section in the book for easy excess.

I know it seems like going from finding a lot, to putting together a design book, a big leap but it took awhile, and it kept me busy, while we waited for the house to be built.
The sketch to the right is a computer generated design of my kitchen. More about that later.

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